Unleash the Beast


It’s easy to be consumed with strong reactions, or exist in a numbed out state when life seems unbearable and out of control. When others exert their power, force and will over your life it can seem as if there is nothing you can do.  Yet there is a powerful force, a fire inside of you that your inner essence holds as a sacred vessel of action: held well, it becomes a voice of strength, a source of energy and vitality that can carry you through life’s challenges.


When this inner power is not held well, we find ourselves sinking in despair, giving up, and moving through life in a zombie state.  We become complicit in the oppressive energies, and embody repression.  This 5Rhythms® workshop focuses on the expressive powers of staccato, and will help you let out shut down and blocked energy, transmuting it into forces of power, strength, focus and clarity.