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Connections: London, 2017 This is a belated thank you for the beautiful workshop you held in London a month ago. It was the first full 5R's weekend workshop I had experienced having only done single days and evenings before; I loved how you shaped the days and held us with such care and attention. By the time we got to Let You Love Flow on the last day I was riding high! 


I imagine you are well aware of your skill, yet I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the way you used words, deep fluent poetry, intermingled with the music and the brief yet profound plunges down into sacred spaces. It was earthed and transcendent and gave me a strong sense of the potential of Five Rhythms as a practice.     Julia, 3/2017

Connections: 5Rhythms® Waves Dance Workshop!
THANK YOU VISUDHA, what an amazing 5R dance workshop in Atlanta! Love your teaching and presence during the weekend! Live Music was ROCKING! Atlanta 5R tribe is such a great community of dancers! So much gratitude for the 5R practice! Love K  Feb. 19, 2017
Thank YOU Visudha De Los Santos!!!
The workshop this past weekend brought me to my knees in complete owe and honor. Our bodies are truly a vessel of joy!!
YOU are an inspiration to me, inspiration to just BE!! You emanate authenticity with such an open heart!! You inner power and intuition...WOW!!
You are an amazing woman!
THANK YOU!!   Janny,, 2017, Light and Shadow
I just wanted to thank you for your class on Sunday. I loved it!! And I was happy and grateful that I got to meet you - and share a dance space with you - and the Taos community - with your music - loved it, loved it. It had been a while since I'd been on the dance-floor (pesky knee injury back in October), and this was a perfect way to get back to it. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you!  Ayisha, Jan 2107, Sweat Your Prayers
.....But your words ring so true. They remind me of the truth I already know but is so often hard for me to see. Your soul is very very bright. So much love and so much wisdom. Just reading those words was like a long hug. I count myself infinitely blessed to know you even if separated by great distances. J 2016
I was at your 5Rhythms workshop in Salida a couple weekends ago, and I am so grateful for that experience, for rooting the Rhythms more deeply into my body.  J. 2016, Roots
You are an outstanding teacher and amazing human. 
Thank you for creating such a safe space to be in. I am so delighted that you will back here in June.  Yay!!! Cheryl, Oct. 2016, Indulgence
This was my seventh 5Rhythms workshop, four of those with Visudha de los Santos, two of those here, in St.John's. And what an amazing, transformative work it is. Every time I learn, grow and transform. We call it dance. Dance that engages your gross body, your emotional body, your cognitive body, your soul and spirit. It shakes them apart and puts them back together in a new, amazing way. Thank you Visudha and see you again in the spring for another deep and nourishing experience.  ~ Milena, Newfoundland October 2016  Roots,
Amazing workshop this weekend!!! Thank-you Visudha De Los Santos for an amazing weekend of joy, inspiration, connection, release, and dance!  Check out what Tina says here. ~ Tina, Newfoundland, October 2016, Roots


Mouth open.

Heart beating.

Body resting.

Love spread.

Mind shared.

And let do it again!

 -- Oufa, Copenhagen, 2016


Visudha helped me reframe my place in the world, in a powerful expansive way:  Dancing feet rooted to the core energy of the Earth, and Spirit reaching high into the Cosmos.  What a wonderful way to dance and to be! -- Sue Green, Bethesda, Maryland, 2015


Thank you. I'm very grateful having this way to offer my body in pray dancing to our ancestors & let Them dance with us. I enjoy making it together.This message uplifted my soul, then it move me to share what it brought to me.  -- Edilimo Ribera, Taos, NM 2014


Visudha de los Santos with her 5 Rhythms practice, by putting my body and breath into motion, has helped me find joys that I’d forgotten or never knew. The practice leaves me feeling strong but peaceful, awake but relaxed, open but safe in the assurance of my own being. Visudha’s guidance is subtle and yet powerful, gentle and yet firmly informed. She brings considerable knowledge and experience to her work, and all of us in the Taos 5 Rhythms community reap the benefits. Since working with her, I have felt the imaginative force of my writing grow and have learned to draw upon the-body-and-breath-in-motion when I play my music. I gratefully acknowledge and recommend the teaching and example of Visudha and 5 Rhythms practice.  -- Jimmie Killingsworth, Taos, New Mexico, Jan. 2015


During this evenings workshop I felt neither heavy or light by rather as if I was passing through a portal where time stood still. After the first resonation.... things fell calmly silent, though I could still feel the energy(and hear the tonality) until you began to bring us back with the soft chiming. I would very much like to explore this median of travel in greater detail.  -- Matthew Roberts, Colorado, May 2015


​I have been working with Visudha in the 5Rhythms for nearly three years. Her clarity, strength, and passion for the dance make her a truly exceptional teacher, one who is skilled in piercing through the barriers and obstacles that stand in the way of sacred truth. Under Visudha's guidance, I have experienced incredible personal insight and transformation; I can't express my gratitude enough! I have also had the very great privilege of participating in several Gong Journeys with Visudha. They are life changing, and she has a remarkable gift for working with sound healing. I hope to work with V. for many, many years to come!  -- Annie, Santa Fe, NM, 8/12/15


I just wanted to pass along wave of THANKS & GRATITUDE for you and for your work.  You are clear, confident, centered and deeply grounded to the Earth, as well as inspired from the Stars and it appears you are being guided into further unfoldments in this. -- Forest, 2/4/13


I just wanted to say "thanks" as a student! -I felt soooo good in my body yesterday, and I found the whole workshop to be above and beyond my expectations!  -- Elizabeth, 12/03/12

​Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday!  It was profound.  I am so so grateful for the Roots workshop! 
Deborah, 12/03/12

Visudha is rooted in devotion.  Her potent gifts and grounded wisdom  source from her deep dedication to a life guided by Spirit.  Through all that she does, she carries with her a both fierce and humble commitment to service. She offers herself generously as a conduit  of sound, of movement, of  prayer,  for the purpose of healing and transformation.  She is strong, ancient, feminine, earth medicine.  12/05/12

Wildest worship to be had on a Sunday morning in Taos.
-- Jeanne, Taos, OK 2/5/11

“I got so much from your workshop, I am deeply grateful for your way of holding the intention and the space.”
-- Terri, Durango, CO 12/13/10


“I just wanted to Thank you again for coming down to Roswell last month! I had never heard the gongs and it was an incredible healing experience for me! I have had allergy induced asthma acting up and the Gong energy really shifted the energy in my chest and I am breathing sooo much better and have not had to use my inhaler(rescue) since that session! Feeling better and better everyday! Hope to get a chance to experience the Gongs again next year! Again thanks! Peace & Blessings to you and yours!!
-- Kim, Roswell NM, 12/3/10


“Thank you for sharing your gifts of beauty, dance, meaning and giving with us here in Carlsbad. It is an extraordinary experience for me. (And there is the down-to-earth aspect of obtaining, maintaining, transporting and setting-up and -down of all the equipment . . . you did this all so naturally. Like living is the combination of heaven and earth.) I look forward to our next time to meet and share once again.”
-- Candy, Carlsbad, NM, 11/8/10

“WHAT A BLESSING! "Move and be Moved" is a whole very special world of creative energy. Visudha brings her vast knowledge of the "5 Rhythms" to her classes, and more than that, I find, her absolute presence and dedication lend themselves to an environment of freedom to move my body in ways I have never thought I could. Private sessions with her have absolutely bypassed my rational mind and given me a greater understanding of my whole self. I believe Visudha, who holds and shares vast amounts of loving energy, is Divinely Guided and a True Teacher.”
-- Sucheta. M.Ed, 10/23/10

"Visudha takes us on a very unique journey ... she shares her intimate relationship with her gongs, taking us to a place far away and yet deep into our hearts, of pure, unconditional love. Visudha gifts us with affirmation that I find empowering and healing, creating a unique sense of resolution. A delightful, refreshing, experience that left me glowing, and looking forward to repeating ..."
-- Eytan, Taos, NM 10/31/10

“Visudha brought her powerful "women" to a Gong Journey here in Crestone last December. I found it to be a remarkable journey very similar to shamanic work I have done. It was an experience of profound passage while riding on waves of sound. I will surely be attending the next time she comes to town.”
-- Mark, Crestone, CO 8/20/10

“I had to write at least a few words to let you know how profoundly I was moved by the power of the sound healing that I experienced through you and the divine 'girls'. It's so hard to express in words how powerfully I felt the vibrations enter into the physical, emotional and etheric levels of my being. I felt as if my molecules were being re-ordered on a cellular level! I'm not sure what it all means or how this will manifest in my relative reality, but I have a deep sense of knowing and trust that something in my core has been intrinsically altered that will indeed change my way of being in the outer world.

I'm not sure what called you to this work, Visudha, but you are indeed an inspiring, gifted and clear channel for this work with the 'girls'. My only regret is that you are so far away (New Mexico). However, I would actually consider going to New Mexico at some point in the next year to once again experience this transformative healing. But in the meantime, is there any chance that you will be returning to the Pacific Northwest in the not-too-distant future? With deep gratitude, love and light”
-- Paula (Pothier), Olympia WA, 5/9/10

RE: Indulgence Workshop "I'm thinking of you dancing right now and sooooo grateful for your presence and the gift to have danced this weekend. Some time on Sunday I had the experience of "coming home to myself" and it was delicious! Thank you!"
-- Dana M. Tulsa, OK, 2/24/10

“Thank you again for the amazing healing!”
-- Cat O. OKC, OK 2/24/10

"Thanks for a most wonderful weekend experience, just can't stop thinking about it as it sure did stir up emotions from within my soul and heart. Loved the movement, music, and your leadership. I will definitely be joining another workshop in Tulsa, and hopefully one out west at sometime.
-- Barbara K, Tulsa, OK, 2/23/10

"I really enjoyed this weekend I broke down crying on the way home last night feeling the most unfamiliar feeling. By the time I got home I realized it was me loving myself without reservation. Never felt that way before in my life. Thank you for providing a path for me to travel there."
-- Justin, Tulsa, OK 2/22/10

"Thanks for a most wonderful weekend experience, just can't stop thinking about it as it sure did stir up emotions from within my soul and heart. Loved the movement, music, and your leadership. I will definitely be joining another workshop in Tulsa, and hopefully one out west at sometime.
-- Barbara K, Tulsa, OK, 2/23/10

Thank you again for the amazing healing!
-- Cat O. OKC, OK 2/24/10

RE: Indulgence Workshop "I'm thinking of you dancing right now and sooooo grateful for your presence and the gift to have danced this weekend. Some time on Sunday I had the experience of "coming home to myself" and it was delicious! Thank you!"
-- Dana M. Tulsa, OK, 2/24/10

Re: The Shift, Moving Into the New Year Consciously "Tim and I really enjoyed our evening spent with you and the others. Thank you! I loved the dancing. Thanks, and I look forward to more dance and ceremony with you."
-- Sheila, Taos, NM, 1/2/10

Re: The Shift, Moving Into the New Year Consciously "I wanted to thank you again for facilitating such a meaningful and sacred event last night. What a beautiful way to bring in the new year, I feel as though I have been on a spiritual pilgrimage. I really appreciate that you put all your heart into this work that creates an atmosphere so ripe for growth and self-realization for all of us who are smart or lucky enough to attend. I am inspired when I see you in action, to find and fulfill my own hearts purpose."
-- Blue, Taos, NM 1/1/10

"Thank you for all of who you are and how you touch all around you..."
Kara A, Taos, NM 1/09/10

"Thanks so much for sharing the girls with us, and especially for the healing vibration put forth for my partner . I look forward to hearing you and your ladies again in the future, both here and in Taos when we get down there next."
Mark T., Crestone, Co 12/15/09

Thank you for those powerful Sunday dances (5Rhythms) and the Full Moon Journey into the sound of your gong "girls".
I. Sels, Taos NM, 11/4/09

I am so grateful to have had Visudha share her wisdom, insight, freedom, sunshine and Gongs with us all. She has given me more than words can ever express. I had the time of my life at the ROOTS Workshop. I await and hunger for more HA! Blessings & love to the Free women, I shared space with this weekend."
Natalie, Tulsa, OK 9/30/09,

"Thank you for helping me to wake up my body again!"
Sucheta, 9/26/2009

"I just wanted to thank you for bringing your beautiful healing sounds to the Free Spirit Yoga Studio."
Dee Mathis, Free Spirit Yoga, OKC, OK 9/25/09


We loved your gongs! What an awesome experience! You are so honest and open. What an extraordinary way to move through life.
Elizabeth Ellen, Tulsa OK, 9/24/2009

"I cannot tell you what a blessing your dance classes have been for me this year! Thank you so much for your heartfelt dedication and creative leading. May you continue for a long time to come."
Elaine Sutton, Taos, NM 9/4/09

"I was transported. I thought you had a sensitivity to the flow of sound, and used a great variety of texture, rhythm, colors.
I was delighted by the experience and felt it was cleansing. I hope you do it again during my stay."
Debra Kaye, composer New York City, 8/25/09

"You are truly a world class inspired teacher – our 5 rhythms group today was magical and beyond the beyond.
Thank you for doing this – we are so blessed to have you in the community doing this work."
K. Grant, 2/15/09

"Thank you so much for holding such remarkable space for all that energy and transformation to take place. I feel your presence throughout the dance, and I am so grateful to have you in my life. You are just an amazing beautiful light."
P.Christian, 1/22/09

"Working with Visudha is a pleasure. She gives 110% of herself and as a result a place is created where true joy and magic can exist together. Visudha is open and loving, strong and dedicated to each moment of the dance, thereby allowing the dancer to move their soul into a space of en-light-en ment. With her, I have experienced creating a glorious container, which has supported my expansion into my own being, my own glory."
S. Blue Chic-a-go go, IL 11/23/2008 XXXXXX