A calling home to
 our own sacrality.​


The divine feminine  in action.
Serpent Temple Embodiment Ritual Priestess Dance

Serpent Temple.....It's a calling.

Calling upon ritual practices of days long ago, wherein priests and priestesses cultivated energy through connection to both the earth and the heavens, and through the embodiment of sacred life, we will move our bodies, and sound our voices to uplift humanity.

It is a gathering of collective prayer, a gathering of spiritual service to humanity's evolution. A gathering that can move the vibrational frequency of the universe to another level --  a level where human beings can begin to regain their natural abilities of spiritual insight and vision.  A gathering that will take us to a place where the ancestors can once again transmit their knowledge to humanity.  A place where, once again, we know our part in the whole. A gathering of aligning self with universe, universe with the ancestors, and the ancestors with the collective.  A place where awareness will be elevated, consciousness will be deepened, and the ability to take action will become irrefutable.  A place where time and space become luminous, where we open to the entirety of all that surrounds us, and we once again become aware of and move in ease with all that is, offering ourselves in Prayer, for all those who cannot.