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Sedna's Prayer; Receiving Grace Through Sacred Vibration

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Nov. 2014

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Oct. 2014
For Immediate Release:

Local sound healing alchemist, Visudha de los Santos has just recorded her first cd and is set to celebrate Sedna’s Prayer, Receiving Grace Through Vibration in Taos at Taos Mesa Brewery on Sunday, November 16, 2014. Recorded by Grammy winner Tom Wasinger of Subterranean Recording in Boulder, Colorado this spiritual cd is perfect for yoga, meditation and relaxation.


Personally inspired by the Inuit Priestess of the Oceans, Sedna, whose domain encompasses all sea life, and passionate about the characteristics of the cellular structure of water possesses when positive intention is applied, de los Santos shares her perspective that ancestral wisdom and ancient knowledge are more and more available to humanity as the icecaps melt. With this state change, the knowledge possessed by these colossal ice bodies is released back into the lifecycle of water, and back into the human body.


De los Santos teaches that the vibratory essence of all life is interconnected, with the sounds and motion of the gongs allowing people an experience of reconnection with the natural rhythms of life.


She has offered her unique Gong Journey since 2008 locally, and around the United States. A Gong Journey is a soundscape that creates tones and overtones of healing sound.  Participants are invited to lie upon a mat, let their bodies relax, and enjoy the felt sensation of the vibration. 


The cd is another way to experience this harmony and ease, and allow one’s self to come back into the natural rhythms of life and regain vital energy.


A CD release party is planned for Sunday, November 16, 2014 from 3:00 - 5:00. De los Santos will play her gongs, and other instruments; and will also DJ a dance set based on the practice of the 5Rhythms dynamic movement meditation.


Visudha de los Santos, Oct. 2014

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1. Gong Meditation - Before the Melt

2. Eternal Life - Grace

3. Ripples of Mystery - Gratitude

4. Sedna's Hips - Generosity



Whales, Ice Caps and Sedna's Message


Whales are viewed in the Native American tradition as the memory keepers.  As some of our oldest known beings in life, they are the record keepers, the ones who hold a vast library of knowledge and body of wisdom.  They invite us to remember who we are and where we come from.


Similarly, the ice created billions of years ago holds much ancient wisdom and information, which is slowly being returned back to the cycles of life, as the ice melts back into the waters and into the earth.


Sedna is the Intuit priestess of the Sea, and also the name of the main gong you will hear in this recording.  As the gong who transmits the vibration of her namesake, Sedna offers us a message about the waters of life in our times:  both the waters of the sea and the waters of our own bodies.


Sedna, the Priestess, reigns over all the life of the deep, dark, mysterious sea world.  She offers us this insight into the melting of the ice caps:  to stay as an icecap is to stay in stagnation.  Melting allows the water, the earth and the people to continue their collective journey of evolution. 


When the waters of the ice caps melt, we have access to the ancient wisdom that’s been held in the ice.


As human beings we are composed primarily of water.  The water in our bodies is connected to the water in the world.  As we release our own waters, through sweat or tears, our water becomes part of the environment.  As the ice caps melt, as the rains come, those waters become part of our bodies.  We live in a constantly changing relationship through water.


When you take a gong journey, you have access to the ancient wisdom that’s held in your own cells.  The vibration of the gongs serves as a bridge to the many layers of consciousness inside you.  As you travel through your own evolutionary journey, assisted by the gongs, you have the opportunity to enter a deeper, embodied awareness of the sacredness of your own nature.  Through knowing your sacred self, you can find the way into a sacred relationship with the waters of our world.


The gongs invite you to step into the portal that opens through their vibrations.  Your body knows how to take this journey…all you have to do is receive it.


I invite you to meditate upon these things as you listen to these songs and find your own understanding of the meaning of your life as it relates to the power and the most precious gift of water.  As you meditate upon the sacred water, I also ask that you meditate upon who you are, and pray that in the end, you realize your own sacrality.





"Sedna's Prayer is the next best thing to the live experience of Visudha's Gong Journey. As a professional music producer I know how difficult it is to create a pure and clean recording full of rich resonance and beauty. From the opening vibration to the closing silence Visudha did just that with her new CD. Everything in the universe is energy and Visudha is pure healing energy, which radiates from her spiritual recording." Glenn Ballantyne


"The magic of this CD is that it brings the enormity of the gong journey into my own living room. I'm amazed that the power of the sacred vibration I feel with the gongs in person comes through on this CD...but it does! Blessed technology, to bring this gift so I can listen again and again, and feel my cells and my self be renewed and restored to their highest vibration!" Debora Seidman


"Turn out the ights, strike a match to a candle, and get ready to voyage into deepest sacred space. Sedna's Prayer captures all the subtle beauty and transformative power I've experienced many times in Visudha de los Santos's live Gong Journeys.  I'll be using this CD for my meditation, yoga, and Qi Gong practices for years to come!" Diana Rico