​​Ritual and ceremony bridge
the profane
and the sacred.
The very act
invites spirit and all beings into
of your


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​Rituals & Ceremonies

There are many moments in life that deserved to be marked.  Whether small or large, traditional or on-the-edge, marking life with ceremony and ritual is a way to honor our relationship to and with all that is.

Spend some time in retreat at Raven's Roost, or in ceremony to deepen your understanding of your important shifts and changes of life. Ushering in new changes, saying good-bye, and claiming your birthright are deepened with an invitation to spirit to be co-creator in your life.


Celebrating, acknowledging, or creating a new life, a life transition, marriage, coming of age, entering menopause, taking a new role - these are all perfectly great reasons to mark a moment, and to create a life worth living and well lived.


Start the conversation about your personally designed retreat, immersion,  ceremony or ritual.