​​​Ritual and ceremony bridge
the profane
and the sacred.
The very act
invites spirit and all beings into
of your

Ritual, Ceremony, & Rites of Passage
In today's world, you might feel a sense of disconnect from the mystery and magic of life.  In the rushing of doing, the juggling of the fast speed of life and technology, &  the expectations of societal success we often find ourselves lost, confused, feeling unfulfilled, and not marking the passages of time.  Disconnected from family rituals and inter-generational living; separation from our inner spiritual life; and from ceremonial markings gives us the experience of soul-loss, and soul desires.
As a ordained minister, and recognized as a spiritual leader,  Visudha offers rituals, ceremonies, and rites of passages all individually and uniquely designed for your moment in  life.   Your special event can happen in Taos, or at your travel expense anywhere in the world.   Beyond traditional ceremonies of birth, death and marriage, Visudha encourages the marking of rites of passages, and any celebration that brings greater meaning to your life.   These processes weave your spiritual and soulful life with the mundane life deepening into the mystery and magic of living a life well lived.
A celebration, ritual or ceremony feeds the soulful desire to make more meaning in life and leads you towards the manifestation of more soulful living.
Call, or email to setup your free 30 minute consultation.  Price for the ritual, ceremony or rites of passage depends on scope and timing of event.