Beauty and form

are keys

to life,

and an invitation

to transcendence.

Shamanic Spiritual Retreat Rites of Passage Soulful longing

Rites of Passage


​The big moments of life are important, and in today's era, we've lost spiritual rituals and practices to create meaning of these moments. The ways we engage these moments tend to be non-existent or fleeting & consumeristic in nature.

Ancient rituals and rites have been lost in history, religion, cultural loss, dogma and normalcy.  And yet, we cannot deny a soulful longing that exists, desiring the elevation and sacredness of these moments. 


Birth, death, coming of age, marriage, partnering, elder-hood, and menopause affect us in profound and deep ways, often leaving us wondering and confused on the meaning of these moments.

A personally designed rite-of-passage allowing for time with the passage helps to ease the transition and create greater comfort within the path of unknowing.


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