Let Your Potent Light Shine

Are You Women


Surely, you understand the importance of

bringing your full self to the world right now!


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An Online 6 week Webinar for Women

I’m super excited to announce this

new dynamic online program

designed especially for you women

ready to step into the New Decade! 













Good News!! 


The New Decade is

ushering in the time of the MATRIARCHY,

let me repeat that, because it is wonderful

the New Decade is ushering in the


and it calls for us to

step into our own unique gifts and

shine our amazing, potent lights!  


The Time is Now! 

Leadership, culture, business are all falling,

falling apart and being redesigned.

Your unique gifts are needed to

usher in, create, and support the New Decade. 

Together we will create a more meaningful and healthier world.  

This decade will be the most potent, profound,

transformative time of your life.  Of our life! 

Would you like to be a part of it?


We will use this 6-week online program to RISE, To Rise UP and Breakthrough our own limiting beliefs. 

Transforming our consciousness will allow us to

step into our authentic selves; and

reveal the important and unique parts

we can offer in this rising.


This is a call for you to:

            Recognize your truth

            Ignite Your Passions

            Support Yourself with Self-Care

            And Engage and Excite the World with Your Profound Gifts!



This six-session webinar will help you:

~settle fully into yourself;

~reach into your inner hope;

~develop ways to hold life with greater ease

~reveal your current truth

~set you on fire

~learn to value self-care

~take the risk to be seen by the world.  


Your guide is Visudha de los Santos,  a personal transformation and embodiment coach, and an expressive arts facilitator since 2005. 


Part mystic, part medicine woman, Visudha walks in many worlds, will inspire you, and will support  your profound growth and healing.

Internationally known as a force of nature

instigating personal transformation, and powerful healing, this is what some of her students are saying:

Thanks Visudha for your strength, your energy and your great love.
I admire you very much and ask God that you keep sharing with us not only your knowledge, philosophy and research, but also the tenderness that resides in your heart.  Leonor,  Bogota
The workshop this past weekend brought me to my knees in complete awe and honor. Our bodies are truly a vessel of joy!! YOU are an inspiration to me, inspiration to just BE!! You emanate authenticity with such an open heart!! Your inner power and intuition...WOW!!
You are an amazing woman! THANK YOU!!   Janny, New Mexico
And what an amazing, transformative work it is. Every time I learn, grow and transform. We call it dance. Dance that engages your gross body, your emotional body, your cognitive body, your soul and spirit. It shakes them apart and puts them back together in a new, amazing way. Thank you Visudha and see you again in the spring for another deep and nourishing experience.  ~ Milena, Newfoundland
And if you need more:
I imagine you are well aware of your skill, yet I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the way you used words, deep fluent poetry, intermingled with the music and the brief yet profound plunges down into sacred spaces. It was earthed and transcendent and gave me a strong sense of the potential of movement as a practice.    
Julia, London
To unleash the power within you? 
Deepen into your own center
To rise with your unique gifts?
To be seen as who you really are?
Foster personal growth, development, and inner healing
Strengthen your focus
Find greater expression, happiness and harmony


Join us for this deep online series of

personal growth and awareness


for only $165, a savings of $30.


You will receive:

~Six (6) sessions of personal self-exploration, expressive arts guidance,

movement and other physical practices, and dialogue.

Each Session includes:

~ movement and embodiment guidance

~ inspirational talks with Visudha

~guided meditations, both sitting and moving

~guided personal inquiry

~guided group dialogue

It also includes

~A private online community

~a free cdbaby download card of Sedna's Prayer

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Thursdays, 10am -12pm MST (12pm - 2pm New York City, 6 pm - 8pm London)

January 16th, 23rd, 30th

February 6th, 13th, 20th


Or email us with your questions, here.

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