Trusting The Mystery

Weird and wild times, yeah?

Here at Mystery In Motion, we are continuing to trust the mystery, and believe that something powerful and beautiful will emerge from both our collective stillness and my own time of stillness that has been happening since late 2018.

In short we're still sorting out how we navigate this new reality.

Here in New Mexico the Covid restrictions affect housing, community integration, resources, and group sizes all leading to the temporary closure of classes and workshops. Specifically in Taos, our group size is still limited to 5, lodging is limited by percentage and purpose, all community events are cancelled through the fall, and we are on a curfew!

Folks have also asked about me teaching online classes. At this time, I am not resonating with online teaching. Like many of my clients, as an intuitive, sensitive and psychic person, I find the energies and stagnancy of online teaching difficult to manage.

Again, I come back to trusting the mystery, it's a powerful time to lean into the practice of listening into your own authority and act upon what feels right for yourself in the present moment. I hope you all are able to practice that.

I am continuing to use this time to listen deeply to my inner universe investigating how my recent life experiences will inform my new teachings. I would love to hear from you, and wonder what you would find helpful to enrich your world?


It's time for us all to be better human beings!  In a time when many do not have the skill to trust and be with what is, it is even more important for us to practice trusting the mystery so that we are not taken in by the chaotic energies.  Our own practice amplifies the attributes of graciousness, empathy and compassion.  How: Be okay with what is, and breath through the difficult parts. Know that in time your questions will be answered and new forms of life and living will emerge.   Try It:

  • Physicalize your trust - When you find yourself questioning again and again, invite your feet to move. Go on a hike, dance, or take a walking meditation. This is to ensure that the questioning doesn't go on repeat. A questioning mind on repeat is a sure way to insanity.

  • When your world becomes unstable with worry and angst around money, crowded family situations, loneliness, or whatever arises for you, than purposefully take in long, deep and slow breath. Allowing the body to feel the breaths pause, and then let the breath out in a long, and slow release.

  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice patience and compassion. We all are in deeply trying times.  Everyone is suffering from aspects of this collective shutdown - loss income, worries about money, home, potential germs, losing a businesses or not being with loved ones.  We need to show up as much as we can grounded and centered in ourselves so that we can see the suffering and respond as healthily as we can.

  • Protect yourself. If your outer world is very chaotic, stay home or go in nature. Reduce how often you must be in public places. Choose to not be a part of the chaos. Stay off of or reduce your use of social media.

  • These difficult times can call out judgemental, opinionated, and fearful thoughts that may be compelled to be shared. Observe the mental condition, breath through it and let it go. Invite yourself back to your heart. Challenge yourself about the need to express the judgements or opinions. What will sharing them serve?

  • Practice the Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference.

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