Reframing Cancer

The journey of cancer is a wily one! As mentioned in this article we usually refer to cancer as Creative Cell Growth (CCG). The word cancer itself carries a lot of negative connotation. The word is powerful and brings about strong feelings. Even the mention of the illness is most often met with repulsion, fear, and anger connected to people’s personal experience of pain and loss. These reactions stem from a common experience of not knowing how to address and be with human mortality. People wrestle with the ideas that cancer is fatal, painful, hereditary, and contagious. The resulting negative energy stems from discomfort with loss, pain and emotions.

Reframing the language of cancer helps to change unconscious and unformed energy, which has become somewhat normalized and embodied by a lot of the population. Although medical technology has improved drastically, death rates have reduced dramatically, and full remission has increased substantially, the language of this illness is still completely terrifying for many people. Although cancer myths have been debunked, there is still an emotional stronghold. People who have lost their loved ones, sacrificed their time and energy to take care of those with cancer, and those who themselves have undergone primitive and challenging treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery react to and recoil at the word.

A new lexicon for talking about this illness can take away the negative physical sensations, offer hope, and help lighten the situation. Energetically, your cells will respond to language that may be more cooperative and collaborative. Many words used in addressing this illness are combative and self-defeating words: “I’m going to fight this to the end.” “Let’s beat cancer.” “You have to fight against it.” “Stand up against cancer.” “It’s a tough road”. “What did you do wrong?” “You’re up for a big battle.”

While it won’t change the situation, a new lexicon gives you new perspectives, and changes the frequencies in which you and your loved ones meet the journey. It’s an opportunity to be creative and take away the scary aspects. It empowers you to take more responsibility in your own healing path. It makes the whole journey a little less dire. It helps you to focus on what could be great, rather than what is difficult. It allows you to use the unfortunate situation to create a better outcome. By changing your language, attitudes and actions, you can often change the end result.

You are welcome to use words from my lexicon, and I encourage you to create your own.

Try these alternative terms:

Creative Cell Growth (Cancer). I named it accurately. Isn’t it incredible? The power these particular cells hold is quite impressive. They hide. Brilliantly. They cloak themselves. They multiply - faster than rabbits! I’m impressed with their capacity.

The Spa (The Chemotherapy Clinic). When you walk into the room, the visions of pumps and IVs, scarf-covered heads, gaunt faces, and nurses scurrying about with needles are enough to terrify the strongest and most powerful of people. However, there is also a lot of goodness in these rooms. Volunteers arrive supporting you with hot tea, and snacks. Massage therapists gently massage your feet while your medicine drips. Nurses bring hot blankets and cover you up ever so gently. Chaplains scoot in next, and gently inquire about how you are and what you might need. Ladies come with wigs, adorning and dressing your head.

Chrysopoeia Elixir (Chemotherapy). This is my favorite reframe. Chrysopoeia is described as the alchemical process of changing metal into gold. Taking the Chrysopoeia Elixir while listening to some beautiful Solfeggio tones certainly made my experiences gentler. I practiced visualizations during these times and rather than seeing cancer cells, I saw my white blood cells scurrying about getting to work, doing their job to make me healthy.

Platinum (Cisplatin). Cisplatin is a chemotherapy drug. Who among you would rather have precious rare energy of platinum over Cisplatin? Raise your hands. Visualize this silvery elixir sliding down and through your veins, filling your body with even more precious energy than it already holds.

Gems and Beads (Gemsitabine). Another chemotherapy drug. I continue with the metaphor of precious and amazing things. Don’t you think gems and beads go down way easier than Gemcitabine? The cool thing about gems and beads is they come in every size and color. So make it a fashion statement! Be as creative as you like as you visualize this potent medicine traveling through your veins.

Empower yourself, and your journey by reframing your language and making your experience more palatable. Know the power of words to shift your healing process, and help you overcome this hurdle. Using this language reframing tool has the added advantage of making you a more mature, resilient individual, which may save your life!

It may also be helpful to understand that your immune system is not functioning properly in all creative cell growth situations. So, consider holding your illness in mind as a compromised immune system rather than the big dreaded ‘C’ word. You hold the incredible power to turn this challenge around into a beautiful treasure.

There are a few other advantages to creating your own lexicon. Science has shown that spending 45 minutes in creative process increases your dopamine levels, boosting your overall mood and sense of wellbeing.

I’ve shared my creative lexicon. What’s yours? Please post your new words and terms in the comments below!

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