Patience Please

Patience Please.  This is one of my favorite phrases from I'm Creating a Dream, a song Trevor Hall sings.  I've had to be patient (patient) a lot in 2019. My health and healing has taken longer than I expected, the j

One of biggest myths I've lived with is that there would be a life to go back too. Rather than being with what was actually happening. Rather than being right here right now, I was busy thinking about going back to what I knew, what I was comfortable with, with the most recent identity I had created.   Isn't that funny? I spend a lot of time teaching others letting go, letting go of identity, being with what is, and surrendering to what is, and yet, here I was holding onto something of the past.  

This is one of those tricky places that I suppose many share, perhaps even you?  Have you ever kept hanging onto something, and spent so much time in that field that you've cut yourself off from what is? From what may be? From new opportunities and possibilities?  Have you ever kept pushing and wandering and trying to move forward before the new has revealed itself?

Beyond the Ideas: Putting Embodiment into practice.

Why: Allowing yourself to be in what is, the good, the bad, the ugly, is an allowing of the possibility of something different, maybe even greater to come through. It is to allow yourself to flow with life changes.  It is to accept all the possible richness that life itself may reveal.  In the revealing you might be amazed at the new ways life will move for you and how you might engage with it beyond what you even thought was possible.  

How: Cultivate the attributes of allowing, accepting and surrendering.   Check yourself from past and future tripping. Practice being present and in the moment. 

Try It:

  1. Check yourself! Every time you find your mind attached to, planning around or demanding  something of your past, reign yourself back into the present moment.  Give the thought to your breath.  Repeat this every time you are there and not here.

  2. When you are in difficult times, in moments where something - illness, work, others, has seemingly hijacked your life, begin by breathing into what is.  Let yourself question what can you learn or receive from this moment?

  3. If something really has a deep hold on you, practice some good old shaking medicine.  Shake the thought or belief right out of your head and hands. Shimmy it right out of your chest and hips. Surrender head and spine to the shake. Jiggle elbows and knees.  When you finish shaking, jiggling, and vibrating you should be cleared and back in the present moment. If you find yourself still traveling in the past or the future, simply do it again. And, again if necessary!

  4. Patience. Accept that this challenging thing is, where it's all at, right now.  Be patient with yourself, the condition and the process, and know that you will be alright, that all will be revealed in due course.

  5. Simply, sit in the empty field. Find a comfortable and quiet spot.  Sit cross legged and upright. Eyes closed, hands on knees, palms turned upright.  Notice breath and wind. Notice all felt sensation.

Let us know how these simple techniques to be in the present moment and being with what is works for you. You might even consider checking out past Wisdom Way blog posts that are full of rich ideas and helpful practices.

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