Sinking In

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Thanks for you patience with me! It's been many months since I've shared a newsletter. I've had to take some time away and sink into myself again, to learn and deepen my capacity in this consciousness awareness, changing work. I've also spent a lot of family time which is precious itself. I've been doing some big work! I will continue to cocoon myself this fall time as I sit in the jungle, praying upon mama earth, and hopefully receive clarity on my next spiral up.

This is a brief newsletter mostly to let you know, I'm still here, and share some upcoming experiences with you - I'm in Bogota, Colombia September 21 for the Equinox, Colorado USA in October, and Europe in November.

But for now, check out this months Beyond The Ideas which is all about putting embodiment into practice.

Beyond the Ideas


Time alone is the time when your soul longings reveal themselves more, where creative energy can arise and you can make sense of your world. It allows you to relax into yourself, settle into what is real, and create calm and ease. It's detoxing, uplifting, inspiring and fulfilling!


It can show up in many ways! Sit. Be. Exercise, take time alone, do things that fill you up!

Try It:

  • Make a dedicated 10 minutes every morning where the family knows this is your time to meditate. And, take it!

  • Plan a yearly get-a-way that is more about sinking into yourself, and less about running about. A time to relax, rejuvenate, and rest into your own being.

  • Nurture yourself with long baths, seasoned with some essential oils.

  • Regularly make and keep massage appointments.

  • Journal about anything. Your feelings, what's happening, and what you're dreaming about!

  • Sit. Sit in Nature. Sit for long times. Sit staring into space. Sit and meditate. Did I say sit?

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