You And Your Ancestors

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Last weekend, Mothers day, I spent the time teaching Roots in Waukesha, MI. One of the focus points of the Roots workshop is the process of invoking and reconnecting with ancestral lineages.

In today's world, it is difficult for families to acknowledge and honor the elders, never mind, expending energy towards the beings that are removed from our everyday lives. Beings that perhaps aren't valued in the way they were of days past.

In the closing ceremony, each participant ritualized honoring each of their patriarchal and matriarchal lineages of both their fathers and mothers. I bore witness to the process - the participants' faces streamed with tears as they clasped and raised the hands of the four people who represented the lineages. The honoring brought the honored hands to their boweed foreheads in gestures of respect. It was deeply sweet and poignant and I felt the twinges in my heart.

At the workshop closing, Dawn, one of the participants asked me, "How do I continue doing this at home? How do I continue developing a relationship with my ancestors? I had no idea that I had this missing piece in my life."

Beyond the Ideas:


Ancestral energy is a deeply supportive energy. It allows you the experience of being connected to something far greater than yourself and it allows you to move knowing that you stand upon the back of history and ancient wisdom.


Practice connecting with your ancestral lineage whether you know the people or linage or not.

Try It:

  • Rise and go to sleep with the sun.

  • Acknowledge the full and new moons with prayer and ritual.

  • Keep an altar with the images of your ancestors, so you keep a visible link.

  • Have your DNA tested so you can hone in more specifically, with the people and traditions with which your roots are connected.

  • Acknowledge that you are one with all of life, all of life is sacred and finally treat it with respect.

  • Minimize your impact. Consume less - less food, less wrapping, less stuff.

  • Put the good of all before your own desires - consider the 7 generations that came before you, and the 7 generations that come after you.

  • Take care of mother earth - take only what is needed, nothing more.

  • Enjoy life and it's magnificent journey - but leave no trace!

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