Keys of Opportunity

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I was walking with my friend and collaborator Azahara. We were working together in Spain, and staying in the same home while doing some research and planning. Each time we went out of the rental apartment, we struggled with our return to the building. There was a maze of gates, buildings, paths and doors. At each boundary, we would go through all keys we both had, and eventually we would find the correct key for the right lock.

You see, when the manager gave us the keys, he gave us two incomplete sets, and together we had all the keys we needed to get through each entry. In the end we always found our way in and through. We laughingly realized - we really needed each other to accomplish our mission! The Keys seemed like the perfect metaphor for the work we are embarking upon. More on that later, but for now see Beyond the Ideas below.

(And, you may wonder, why am I talking about collaboration when I teach consciousness and embodiment?) Successful collaboration begins with knowing yourself - your skills, your limitations, how you work, and what external resources could be helpful. Collaboration is felt in your body when your mind and heart work together. You express it through your actions and clear communication. You express the value you give it through how you collaborate, what you bring to the table.

Beyond the Ideas:


Collectively, this is an important time for collaboration in all ways. There are many political, social and personal issues calling forth our strengths and passions. Each of us carry a different set of keys, and when we recognize the gifts of these keys, we access many more portals and doorways of experience and opportunity. Without sharing the keys we are bounded to limitations. Sharing our keys offers a vast network of creative possibilities that you might not even be able to imagine! Together we can make dynamic change in this world.


Look to each invitation to participate in something as a possible set of keys. You can add onto your key chain. Be curious about what could emerge as a result of following an idea, resource, or suggestion. Be open to what could reveal itself as a possible collaboration.

Try It:

  • First, try collaborating with yourself! See what you breath can contribute to your mind. Your heart to your body. Your body to your mind. Flip it all around, and work jointly to experience all the sensations within. Feel where the resistance lies, notice where freedom and creation lives. Notice if it is easy for you to work with yourself or if it comes with edges. Seek the embodied experience of collaboration.

  • Be open to collaborations. If someone invites you to participate in something, check it out. See what you can bring to the table. Ask what others can bring table.

  • Initiate your own collaborations. Know that you couldn't possibly have all the right keys, and that others will come along and offer some very valuable parts that could create something pretty incredible. Check out one of my favorite collaborations (an unlikely group of creatives design an unique radio model with no radio experience!): KNCE Radio

  • Ask, why not? If you or someone else shuts down an idea, keep asking why not until you realize the limitations are surmountable, or indeed really quite impossible.

  • Prioritize your collaborations. Give yourself over to endeavors that are in alignment with your mission, and don't get distracted by things that are incongruent with your calling. Prioritizing your mission also means setting yourself aside to see how your mission can be more strongly supported through collaboration.

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