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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

A student, Kelly asked me last week about how she could practice at home because there is not conscious dance in her town. Her experience is more of the workshop nature - she comes to as many as she can, but she doesn't have the luxury to practice weekly in her home town with others. I get it - there's magic in moving with others while listening to your own body and breath. Encouragement resides in the communal motions as you feel the energy around you. The shared vitality and sense of engagement helps you to feel like you belong. Energetically, it is supportive to the whole field to be as one pulsing mechanism as you find, move and release yourself. And yet, there is great value even in practicing on your own - with people or not! It's easy to believe that we are practicing more when we are with others, and that could be true. What is equally true, is that many of us get lost in the connection with others and are drawn away from moving to our own pulse, our own rhythm, and we find ourselves distracted from the intimacy of moving with our own energies, and finding the wisdom within. Let's get clear - the 5Rhythms5Rhythms© is a movement based practice of awareness. That's it. Giving attention to your body heightens your awareness, and through awareness your consciousness changes, as does your embodiment.

Beyond the Ideas:


To practice awareness brings you to your inner sensations, and allows you to deepen beyond what you thought is possible. It helps you become the embodiment you desire.


No matter what the situation - alone, or with a group; home or community; a human designed or spirit designed experience - drop yourself in. Movement happens in every moment, moment-to-moment. To bring consciousness to your movements can also happen in every moment - and, you need to cultivate this relationship to support it.

Try It:

  • Again, whether a human designed experience or a spirit designed experience, always come back to your breath and your bodily sensations. Listen and listen a bit more.

  • If you attend classes, make these commitments (deepen your practice within the practice!) - be on time; consider there is no warm-up but every song is actual practice time; stay through and on the floor to the end; stay present to your body, breath, motion, and inner sensation; and go with any class and teacher changes.

  • Many times I have heard, "Well there is a class, but....." If there are classes in your area, make a choice, clear your calendar so you can practice. It' s not the music, it's not the teacher, it's not the time, and it's not the day. It's about choice and commitment.

  • Make a commitment to a self/home practice regardless if there is a class or not available to you. 15 minutes of purposefully moving the body - through a wave, the shaking medicine, body parts, or walking meditation will embed more ground, center, and presence to your whole being. Music or not, your body is your instrument of practice - you can practice anywhere. I was in the Atlanta airport a week ago, and was delighted to witness a woman dancing (presumably with the music from her earbuds) her travel energies in the corner of our gate waiting area. So bring it - the grocery store, bank, waiting for the ferry, in the park with the kids - just move that energy!

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