The Shaman Within

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Happy New Year! Coming at you from a cool and crisp Madrid, Spain.

As I have traveled across Europe sharing the potent medicine of the 5Rhythms movement practice, I am struck about how terrifying it can be to really settle into your own sense of being. To see yourselves for who you are in any given moment.

I recently observed a woman during a workshop holding herself back, and eventually regardless of the teaching cues I offered, removed herself from the movement exercises and practice. Afterwards, I drew her aside and inquired how she was doing. She expressed to me, her own physical discomfort that she believed came from the movement and explorations. Of course, I believed there was more to it, as the body holds emotional, and psychological energy that manifests physically. While I shared some physical exercises she could do to address her bodily discomfort, the energy would not dissipate, until she could address it emotionally and energetically as well.

Any further words would not help. She would need to face her own resistance and beliefs; to turn herself over to the movement. She came expecting to work with a Shaman, and also to learn to be a Shaman. I shared with her my experience of moving with Gabrielle Roth, and understanding the shamanic nature of moving my body to the drums and the beat.

This word Shaman means many things to many people, I believe the common thread being the ability to heal. If you want to practice with a community of movers, please join us for HOWL in Taos.

Beyond the Ideas:


Allowing yourself to practice awareness of your body, feeling your sensations and emotions; and releasing your busy mind can eventually lead to healing yourself. A true healing comes from an empty vessel where the universal current can flow with ease through you. This ability naturally arrives when you practice letting go.


Each person has healing ability within themselves - it is accessed through deep listening and the practice of surrendering self to spirit.

Try It:

  • Stay focused. This is not a one-time motion, but a skill that comes from an ongoing practice of letting go. Put some music on that lets you move freely. Purposefully, let go of your negative self-talk. Let go of physical tension. Let go of your feelings - all of them. Let go of things that do not serve you. Let go of things that are uncomfortable. Let go, let go, let go. Practice this anytime you feel uncomfortable tension and energy in your physical body. This discomfort is an invitation.

  • Surrender self to spirit. Again, put on some music that lets you move freely. Give your attention to your breath, and to your bodily sensation. Breathe into your body as you move. With each breath give away your thoughts, and feel the sensations that arrive. Let all motions be a dissolution of yourself into the space around you. Marry your breath with your body until you are no longer making motions, but the motions are moving you. Stay moving with the current of energy as long as you can. Essentially be the dance.

  • Keep your vessel clean. Fill it with unrefined foods. Stay away from toxic substances. Get fresh air regularly. Find yourself near water, in nature taking in the biosphere.

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