Shapeshifting Your Beliefs

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

The body follows the mind, and the mind follows the body...such an intricate and powerful dance.

A young student recently reached out to me to ask for some advice, and it was clear in her pain and confusion that there were beliefs that weren't helping her, in fact, were causing quite some disruption.

As she was trying to direct the conversation towards what she felt was the problem, I had to take her back to what she believed. She believed that she was less than, that she wasn't lovable, that she didn't have meaning.

Beliefs aren't truth, and truth is not necessarily what you believe. At your root, you are lovable and meaningful. You don't need others approval, and you deserve safety and peace. To forgive yourself of the beliefs that were not of your own making is an important step in your personal and collective healing.

So much of what the current #metoo movement is about. Raising awareness around sexual abuse and violence for women has the collective looking directly into the face of what we believe. What has been embodied as 'truth'. And what needs forgiven, and what can be embodied as a deeper truth. Many have learned that the abuses were their fault, the shame theirs. Not true. The truth is you are love, perfect, divine, and a holy, sacred, vessel of beauty.

Beyond the Ideas:


When you move your body, you move your life. Understanding what has motivated you, and letting go of the held tensions will take you to new levels in your life.


Practice. Practice. Practice. Be willing to actively engage intention, and purpose. Use the mind and body together to change your dynamic.

Try It:

  • Keep yourself safe, and in positive environments. Remove yourself from any relationships or activities that are toxic to your mental, emotional or physical health.

  • Check out the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as the tapping technique), a bit of 'pyschological' acupressure to help change negative and inaccurate beliefs into positive and stronger beliefs.

  • Forgive yourself for believing what is not true, for what does not serve you and your life.

  • Put new thought patterns into bodily shapes that represent both the emotion and feeling of the new thought.

  • Plan to join us for Spirit Flight 2018, Taos, NM, USA where we will purposefully explore beliefs that are potentially held and embodied in your physical being.

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