4 Ways to Use Epigenetics To Help You Transform

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I've been using the phrase for a number of years now, "Move Your Body, Move Your Life". There is a direct link from moving the body to molecular changes, which indeed leads to Moving Your Life. I'm pretty excited about how epigenetics inform the practices and processes of the 5Rhythms, and Vibrational Sound.

What you eat, how you treat your body, the quality of your sleep, how you move, -- basically everything you do on a daily basis effects you at the cellular level. And this information can guide you on what and how to move your human condition.

When your body moves and senses, it takes an inventory of the inner and outer environments and then makes molecular changes based on what it receives. This information turns the expression of certain genes up or down. The DNA sequence isn't changed, rather the number of proteins are, which leads to changes in your actual physical characteristics (which through by product, the emotional & belief landscape as well.)

Applying intention and consciousness to your movements can result in greater and quicker positive chan

Beyond the Ideas:


Move Your Body, Move Your Life. There is much memory in your body that keeps you locked in painful patterns of existence. You deserve to be free from this programming! You deserve a life with greater ease and harmony!


Practice. Practice. Practice. Be conscious about what is in your inner and outer environments.

Try It:

Keep yourself safe, and in positive environments. Remove yourself from any relationships or activities that are toxic to your mental, emotional or physical health.Bring your awareness to any limiting beliefs and shake them out. Shake them out from head to toe. Then fill up the empty space with a positive belief. For example if you feel you are intrinsically bad, do the shaking dance, letting go of the belief that you are bad. Next, begin moving the energy of your innate goodness. Move all the shapes and motions of your goodness. This is most effective to do both parts!Do regular daily practices of moving your body in ways that release oxytoxin -- the hormones that make you feel positive and uplifted. Dance, run, hike, massage, yoga, and sound vibration! Bring the consciousness of gratitude, grace and generosity to your daily movements, activities, chores, & habits. ge.

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