3 Gifts of Uncomfortable Times

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

The themes of chaos and mayhem seem to continue with Korea sending missiles out, a hurricane & massive flooding in Texas, continued White House antics, and crazy policy decisions.

Locally there is unrest - people dying, people crying, people both disconnecting and asking to be lifted up.

I have heard from several who have stated last week was pure chaos and some of the most difficult times of their lives. My friend Trish shared with me the challenges of defending her personal choices and actions with her family amidst her broken heart. A student John said that he needed to withdraw from a relationship and keep at home to protect himself. Personally I'm feeling the unrest with an unsettled heart; and confused and wild emotions. I'm feeling the importance of protecting myself and having clear boundaries.

Have you noticed this? Are you feeling this wild and unpredictable energy? Are you getting caught in it, or using it as an opportunity to create and make meaning?

I had a conversation with a man this morning who spoke at length about his discomfort with stinky homeless people, political correctness, the division of the left and the right, and the energy of people reacting to his words. When I would try to share in the dialogue to offer other perspectives he identified me as being PC, triggered by his words and defining him as a bigot.

How was I in my discomfort, to use this moment as a way to forge a connection? Could I create and make meaning rather than responding with arguments and disdain?


Discomfort is a natural part of life. You expand and you contract. You can grow in awareness and shift your consciousness. Discomfort is an invitation for you to make change. When you actively work you discomforts you can come away with some pretty great life-transforming gifts.

How: Use your discomfort to look inside, and to forge a connection. You can create something different & make meaning in your own way. Become open-hearted clarity. Try It:

Gift 1) Receive Greater Connection.

~ With yourself. First, if something is uncomfortable, go inside. Sit, drop your head, and simply breath. Ask yourself why is this creating difficulty? If you notice a softening, a trembling, or an uprise of emotion, feel into it. Be with it. ~With Another. If the discomfort is with another's belief, actions, words, behavior, or attitude stay soft and open. Connect with your heart, and go beyond their expression into the heart of the matter. Find a way to connect to the other's feeling or something deeper than the challenging moment. Connection with yourself, and connection with others deepens your capacity for a more engaged life.

Gift 2) Receive Transformation and Meaning. Use the energy to create something different. Be creative - start a new conversation, take it deeper by making it personal, see if you can offer a different perspective. You can get caught up in the moment, or you can find a way to transform the discomfort into something meaningful for you. Take it to the dance floor, the art canvas, or the recording studio. Mold, morph and shape-shift. Make a ritual. Offer the discomfort up to your creative process. This will make you a more creative person! Gift 3) Receive Open-Hearted Clarity. Make a choice. You don't have to stay in the discomfort. You can make clear and open-hearted boundaries. After you identify the cause of the discomfort - for example, John above was having some relationship difficulty and needed to have some quiet time to himself. He made a clear open-heart boundary by telling his sweetheart he loved her, was still connected with her, but that he had to withdraw and be by himself a bit. To be open-hearted allows you to meet life on your own terms in a positive and vital way.

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