The Importance of Sound Vibration

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Life has been a fun, wild and woolly ride lately. The planets? The eclipse? The rhythms and cycles?

Are you making plans that seemingly fall apart as quickly as they come together? Perhaps you've made decisions, only to have something outside of you invoke immediate change. I'm seeing this, hearing this from plenty of my friends as well as having these experiences myself. There seems to be a lot of struggle with focus and keeping on track. Contract and Expand. Build and Release. Creation and Dissolution. The nature of duality, the nature of living. How are you doing with all these rapid changes? Are you able to stay fluid and calm? Are you getting caught up in tension and angst? Are you surrendered or fighting? Does peace reside within? I Thank Creator for embodiment practices to help me navigate the sea of change. (A reminder for you that what falls apart leaves space for something new. Hold onto that hope.) Also, sound. Sound vibration is such powerful medicine and I'll talk more about it below in Beyond the Ideas. It's been on my mind with the amplification of the moons and eclipse energy. Energy is vibration, and all these fun, wild, and woolly rides are simply vibration. Simply energy that wants released and expressed, rather than held and contained.


Vibration is constant. Everything - all matter; moves, turns, spirals, & rotates. This motion converts to frequencies which convert to sound. There are so many benefits: quiet your mind; diminish anxiety; access and release trauma; bring self into states of inner peace; enhance self awareness; increase attention; deepen your dream states & much, much more!

How: Cultivate awareness of the energetic forces that seep into your body. Some you will hear and some you won't. Some you will feel quickly and some not so quickly. Consciously choose the energy that you invite into your sphere whether it comes in the form of people, places, or activities. Let the energy in and let it out. Simply let it move.

Try It:

1) Feel into all circumstances.The physical place you reside in. The people you are with. The activities that you participate in. Notice your physical condition - how is your body reacting? 2) If it feels good (Your body is at ease and harmonious. You are calm and soft and open.), stay with it! This is a sign that your own energy fields are vibrating at a higher level of consciousness. If it doesn't feel good, (your body is tight. You are clenching your jaw, fist, or ass. You feel anxious - your mind is racing. Maybe you are afraid, or confused or dreading), then get out! 3) Seek harmonious activities that build your energetic force. Meditate, chant, hum, explore nature, yoga, dance. 4) Try to deepen into Alpha & Theta brain waves of consciousness. These are the brainwaves that offer deep relaxation, visualizations, profound insight, & great inspiration.

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