3 Ways to Liberate Your Inner Self

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

It's still June...just barely. I've been busy preparing for the

10 day Embodiment Intensive that happens in a couple of weeks here in Taos, NM. I consider it my favorite event of the year, mostly because of the liberation I experienced through the years of traveling to Northern California to work with Gabrielle Roth in this same model. Nothing like 10 days of movement to unravel, unwind and re-integrate into truth and unity.

Your angst, fear, control, and projection are a few of the energies that block your true freedom. You're blocking your light, creativity, & potential; you're preventing joy, harmony and ease; and you're keeping away wholeness and holiness. All the while, you're longing. To simply be you. To be seen. To be loved. To know liberation. To be the embodiment of freedom. Gabrielle always said, "It takes discipline to be a free spirit."

The liberation I experienced under her tuteledge was a result of seeing myself, of really knowing, understanding, and accepting my own totality. I wager that is what you want as well. Gabrielle was brilliant at movement exercises eliciting surprising and not-so-surprising barriers and boundaries that family, society, and even myself had placed upon my true being - which prevented the fullest expression of who I am. Many of us met every summer to dig in, dance deep and discover how to let go into freedom, how to liberate the very essence within. It was a way to the light within.

I'm thrilled to be doing the same, right here in New Mexico. Knowing the power and profoundity of the dance to heal, transform, and align gives me such pleasure to offer this annual event.


Because liberation feels good. It opens up your chest cavity and lets your breath be fluid and soft. It lets you express yourself in your totality! Liberation within is liberation everywhere.


Practice the five sacred tasks of the 5Rhythms - being, feeling, knowing, seeing and healing. See below for 3 methods to practice the sacred task of feeling (I have covered methods of being in several of my past newsletters.)

Try It:

1) If you notice any tension, clenching or holding in your physical body. Maybe your jaw is clenched, or your fingers are curled. Pause. Feel It. Release the tension.

2) In a tight, sticky place while communicating with someone else, you might notice that you crossed your arms, or began holding your breath, a tightening in your chest or some other physical manifestation of your discomfort. Maybe you feel defensive, protective, or blocked. Invite yourself to soften. Soften from head to toe. Soften the jaw, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, fingers, and spine. Keep softening into the hips, pelvis, legs, knees. Come back and check in with the upper parts, soften again.

3) State what you're feeling. (If you think maybe you've waited to long, shake it out first!!) Even if it scares you. If you're angry. Say it. If you're sad, say it. Maybe you're feeling resentful. Don't hold it in. Let it out. Holding in is painful. Letting out is freedom. Tightening up is suffering. Loosening up is liberation.

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