5 Methods to Reconnect with Ancestral Roots

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Spring greetings to you!

Are you connected to you? To your roots? Grounded in your center? Rooted into your being? I return back home to the states after teaching abroad since February. Last summer I found myself in a place of letting go of my home in Taos to see if a new home would open her arms to me. I felt alone and disconnected from the land, the people and my community. Essentially, I have been nomadic since then, rarely living in a community for more than a few days or a week.

In my home grounds, or out in the unknown worlds, I experience the Nomadic life as a deep return to the ancestral roots. Roots that we have access to in the everyday life, but perhaps elude us in the quest of daily living. Receiving the ancestral roots requires a specific sort of attention that grounds and centers the self within. It's a way of giving attention to what supports us beyond the mechanisms of daily life. I wonder about the collective, and my observations of the deep personal and societal imbalances. Is there a longing within that wants to know the deepest sense of home, that is somehow connected to these ancestral roots?

Maybe you too feel this deeper desire to connect to your ancestral roots. Not just your direct lineage, but beyond into the collective ancestral field. The sense of imbalance, of feeling alone, disconnected from your life, your people and your community is perhaps a tickle to say there is a way home. A way to something more meaningful, and even, soulful earth experience. Binding the ancestral field with the present moment.

Beyond the Ideas:


We are a people that has been disconnected from the natural world, the elements and source. These types of connections yoke you to the spiritual, the sacred, the divine, & the profound. The yoking fills the empty spaces and the soul longings inside, creating direct pathways to the collective ancestral field.


Grounding, rooting, sourcing, expanding & centering are quick to deepen into the ancestral relationship, and balance the all lifestyles.

Try It:

  1. Grounding - Bring your attention to the soles of your feet. Find them firmly planted on the ground. Breath into the feet, and feel the energy rise from the earth. When you feel this connection, than proceed with moving. Keep your attention on the ground, and when you feel it slip away, stop moving and start over.

  2. Rooting - Start with grounding, but stay connected to the earth. Give your attention to the soles of your feet, and send energy from the soles down into the earth. Feel the roots extend to the center of the earth. Carefully lift one foot feeling the elasticity between the earth and the sole. Play with this tension. If you feel the elasticity slip away bring your foot closer to the earth. Switch feet and go through the same steps.

  3. Sourcing - Ground and root the body. Find your attention drawing energy from the ground up into, and through your body. Visualize this energy as light, as support, and as a renewal of your own energy fields.

  4. Expanding - Ground, root, and source the body. Take the sourcing energy within you out into the space around you. Let it expand gently from your bones and flesh into the space an inch around you. Let it expand even more into the space of 6 inches around you, and then again to a foot around your entire being. Continue growing this expansive energy to two feet, then three feet. If you can't feel the energy, go back as far as you need. Back to sourcing, back to rooting, back to grounding. This step may take many practices.

  5. Centering - Place the palm of your hand on your belly. Thumb in belly button. Draw your attention to the place where your palm resides beneath your belly button. Give your attention to the hand resting upon your belly Feel into your belly noticing the rise and fall of the belly as you draw in your breath. Breath purposefully into the hand until you feel a calmness surround your entire being.

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