Happy Valentines

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Susan, a sweet dancer, friend, & colleague commented this week - "It must be difficult to not have a home, and always be on the road". I get it. I bet you do to - do you want to know home in your being? Do you struggle with your place? Struggle with community? When you feel your connections to your pulse, your own breath, your own being, and find the connections to the pulse of the universe within you, the breath of all beings, the center of all, you will find home wherever you are.

I often speak of the promise of the Rhythms, of the Waves - when we do the work before the wave comes out on the other side, we realize the wonderous and magical parts of the wave as it retreats back into itself. You're probably wondering - well how did you answer Susan? I have found in this path of the mystery, by finding my way in and out of my body that I always carry my home with me. May you realize this. May you never know longing again because your connection to all of the universe which is you is so strong that you've dropped the illusion that you don't belong, that you don't have a place. Happy Valentines in this Union with yourself. Peace and Joy to you, Visudha

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