Oops. Getting Caught Again?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Is Life catching you by surprise? Is it hooking your emotional and energetic fields? Getting caught in both the personal and collective chaos and other people's drama? I was recently asked by Lisa a student in Hawaii how do I stay moving when life feels so heavy? (check out Connections here) When things are difficult? When I don't want to move? When I feel hopeless and despairing? When it's all falling apart? Maybe you're wondering this as well. It wouldn't surprise me....seems to be the way of the moment. We fall into our old patterns especially when things get tight, wild and wooly. Oops, yeah. Did it again. Sometimes, it's like Groundhog day over and over again. I suppose you though us 'evolved' people aren't supposed to get caught? Ah, the challenges of being human. And the wonderfulness of being human. The challenges and wonderfulness of belonging to community and society. We have a vast range of responses, and these hooks are simply invitations to become more creative with our responses. How cool is that?

Read on to expand your responses:


Because we are all in this life and moment together. Because your health and well being is at risk. You are the only thing you can truly manage. Remember as a force of life, this current rhythm will change, and it will change again.

How: Keep dancing. Keep moving. Let go. Take action. This is medicine for the people. I know, you've heard this before. Just a reminder.

Try It:

  • First, take care of yourself and bring it home! The current state of affairs can only be reasonably addressed when you are grounded in your own center. Be present before any course of action. Take care of you and yours. What needs your attention at home? What is really essential in your world?

  • Recognize your feelings and the subsequent patterns. When you're doing the Groundhog thing - Stop. Feel. Just do it. Feel what you feel. Bring it into your awareness. Ask yourself what is going on? What are you afraid of? What is really happening here? What are you creating or recreating? How does it serve you and those you love? and then Put It Into Motion - take those answers and move them until they dissolve into a new answer. And then take the new answers and move it until it dissolves into yet another new thing. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Each time striving for a new answer.

  • Do it for those who are right here right now, those who came before, and those who will follow. Our world becomes right side again when we remember that this moment is a wonderful blend of now, what was, and what will be. Remember our ancestors and our next generations. When we hold all people in our motions, we make meaningful and profound moments. Love those in your life, affirm them, and acknowledge the differences. Not everyone will feel or respond the way you do, and love them anyways.

  • Create Fun Out of It - make the challenges a game of fun. How can you uplift it into something different? How can you add in a dose of humor and creativity?

  • Take Action - Whatever is disrupting your energy and emotional fields is something that is probably rocking you at your core values. If it is something that you can take action upon, do so! Turn the energy into production. Start with the three G's - Grace, Gratitude and Generosity.

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