The Necessity of Protection and Cleansing

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Normal holiday times are full of stress and chaos, but this year is different, yes? Are you feeling the angst? Are you stressed with the news and feeling uncertain how you can help? Perhaps you're feeling shut down? Maybe a little eruptive? With the election, Standing Rock, Aleppo and many other catastrophic, cultural, and societal challenges it seems our collective is busting a bit at the seams. I was asked yesterday how do I deal with it?

Here in Hawaii, I went to the lava flow this past Tuesday on the full moon. Kilauea has been steadily releasing her fire since recorded history. This fire sometimes is released as if the faucet is turned on drip, and other times as if the hose has been overfilled and the lava pushes out from every week spot in the hose possible. Sometimes the lava flows easily down through the lava tubes, and sometimes these tubes become thin and the lava busts through. Sometimes the lava is thick and moves slowly, and sometimes the lava is more viscose and she pours out like a thousand cement trucks pouring cement every minute. Right now, she is making more land - she is flowing so fiercely. What's true is that she constantly changes how she flows, and where she flows.

I think our collective is a bit like this right now - this energy has been flowing for a long, long time, much unseen. It's been steady, and now, the energy is busting from the seams, from the thin shells. At the mountain, right now we give her wide berth, but is this an answer for us? Read on....

Here's How......

Why: It's important to protect your energy fields, AND to be fluid with life. It makes life easier to bear, and it's a way to contribute in a strong way. How you engage the world around will influence the world around you.

How: Keep coming back to your heart. Staying in the heart as much as possible is fundamental to the healing path.

Try It:

  • First find your center and ground. When you are centered within your physical and spiritual body, you will know when other energy tries to overcome yours. With intention, your ground can help to move others energy through you instead of lodging into you.

  • Try non-resistance. Resistance is an action that results from the belief of the mind that you will be protected. When you resist something you feed it energy and then it sticks! If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, rather than resisting try these two things: practice breathing into the discomfort; and imagine your body as a clear vessel.

  • Energy cleanses. After a sticky, tricky experience, simply energetic wash over your entire body, head to toe, front to back with visualizations of cool, clear spring water. You can use your hands about three to five inches from the edges of your body so that you cleanse the auric fields that surround your body.

  • Keep your energy strong. A weak energetic field allows others energy to seep in. Tend to your physical - be well fed, well rested, hydrated and generally nourished. Tend to your heart - feel it, express it & share it as needed. Tend to your mind - let it be calm, turn overthinking into movement, and let go of angst with a shaking-it-all-out dance. If you find your energy dissipated come back to the self.

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