We Are In This Together

My friends. Dancers, lovers of life, artists, poets, & creators of all. Sometimes it feels like we are alone. I am here in Marseille, France taking in the American Presidential Results by myself. I woke, and checked the results - they weren't in yet, but the impossible to comprehend, seemed suddenly a possibility. And, yes, I watched in horror as Hilary conceded. Alone to process, my feelings vacillated as I thought of all of the ramifications. What this could mean for our freedom, for our rights, for safety. What it could mean for the entire world. I walked through the streets with tears welling up and then releasing. Arising again, and letting go. Though I am more likely to pray on the dance floor, or be in nature. I went to the Basilica Notre Dame de la Gorde and danced and prayed, releasing more tears. Why? Because this is what we are called to do. Feel the fear, feel the anger. And, don't fuel the hate. Move the energy within you. Be the greatest human you can be by using the force of energy to create.

Let's move it. Let's move this energy through creation. More art. More dance. More expression. I met this man painting in the streets in Essourouia last week. Why was he painting? It was his way to make a difference. He wanted his Medina more beautiful.

My friends. Hold this. And hold that too. Dark. Light. It is all the same. Be with it all, and move it all. You are called to lift and rise. To know the contraction, and move the expansion. To know the collapse, and lift into freedom. You are called to move through the fear, anger and confusion and transmute it into compassion and love. Please move the anguish, all the emotional sensations through the body and release it to the ether.

My friends bear witness, and stand righteous.

Beyond the Ideas:

Why: It is all energy. Do you want to hold energy that binds you, and keeps you contracted in fear, anger, loathing? Or perhaps you would rather know the freedom of peace in being? Choose a door!

How: OK. "This is a repeat from last month: Surrender to your body. Listen to what it offers, and move everything that shows up." Move the grief, move the anger, move the disconnect.

Try It:

  • Move all emotions through your body. The grief. The anger. The disbelief. Connect the feelings with your breath, and move your feet.

  • Stay centered and grounded. If you are centered within yourself, you will have greater capacity to feel around you, and with this you can release other people's energy and emotions. Yes, we must to this for those that cannot.

  • Practice non-resistance. What you resist will stick quite firmly to you. Imagine yourself as a crystal clear vessel so that when negative energy comes to you, it can move right through you.

  • Cleanse yourself. You can use the shower to physically clean the energy out. If you aren't near water, then visualize a beams of light washing over you head to toe, again and again

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