Endings and Beginnings

Today, 4 years ago, a very important teacher of mine started a new cycle in her soul path. Gabrielle Roth completed her stillness cycle and left her human body to begin flowing in the universe in a whole new way. Her path with the 5Rhythms ® can help you to remember

your own rhythm and cycles.

I woke thinking of rhythms and cycles this morning, and about what is living in the students I am working with this weekend. One of my students lost her husband and is learning the wave of energy that comes with going from a life of two to a solo life. Another student arrives 16 weeks pregnant. This young woman is just coming out of the flow of pregnancy – receiving she is indeed carrying a life inside her. Knowing that she is moving towards a changed life. From two to three. She is feeling the signs of life inside her and feeling how that resonates in her inner self. She has been this information herself as she finds her rhythm and way with this life.

Now, staccato is starting to arrive – the rhythm and form. Time to think about how to care for this baby – plan the transition, what does this mean for her work life? Buy the crib. Come out more and share the news. Step back more fully into life again.

Soon, the chaos will set-in. Oh, no, the baby is coming. Inner dialogue is strong. She thinks I don’t know what I’m doing for childcare. The room isn’t ready. I’m large and uncomfortable. I can’t sit, I can’t stand. I can’t sleep. I toss and turn. And then, the moment of birth. She will come out the other side experiencing the love that only a mother can feel for the life she carried for nine months. She will feel relief and joy. Tears and laughter. She will expand her life to include the other, and as she lays nursing her child, she will savor the moments. Find the sweetness between her breaths, find the wholeness of a cycle coming to an end. And then the wave begins again. Anew, with the life of this child.

Gabrielle gave you this gift too – a map that leads you through a wave of energy that you can comprehend holistically through your body. A form that gives comfort, because as you remember the pattern in your body you are given hope. You see there is a way out, and you gain the confidence that you can get through this quickly, or even if not quickly, you know the wave will cycle through, and come to an end. Through practice, we learn to ride the waves again and again, we learn to trust that sometimes the waves are short and sweet, sometimes fast and furious. We learn that some waves are exciting to ride, and some we will dread, but we will have the tools to ride the dreaded wave well. We learn that we are the wave and the wave is us. We learn that we are of the natural world, and we have our own place in it. The wave will bring you home, back to you, back to your self, back to your truth, back to your dreams, back to your passions. Back to the authentic self, the fullest expression of you.

Embodying the wave allows you to have peace through the discomfort. It gives you joy through the tight spots, and understanding through pain. We need this today – with the ‘isms of life, a volatile political climate, war all around us, and the personal challenges of our everyday life – we have the waves to carry us home.

I’m heading into a new wave, Gabrielle is flying,…care to join us?

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