Wisdom Way

A young man, Rick, recently questioned during a workshop, "Is this knowledge you speak of, more vast than the internet?" Just to be clear, I was speaking about inner wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is different then wisdom - all the information available through media cannot even begin to compete with the universal wisdom that you can access. As above, so below. I'm talking about the kind of wisdom that is rooted in the deepest of truths and is your birthright to know and share. A wisdom that is drawn from the universal consciousness that sources from both the center of the earth through to the center of the galaxy.

Perhaps you've wondered this question yourself. It's understandable - in current times, when the Internet and Google have become the go-to source for all information, we've become more and more disconnected from our own inner source. We rely on the maps function on our phones instead of our own inner GPS; we turn our personal authority over to leaders instead of accessing our own knowing; and we look behind and around ourselves outward instead of trusting the inward instinct and intuition.

Have you ever wanted to know, or known a true and authentic trust of your own bodily wisdom? Have you wondered what it is? How it feels? What life would be like if you knew how to access a deeper and more profound wisdom? What it might be like to move beyond knowledge, into this deeper well?

Why: Wisdom rooted and accessed from the body offers a profound consciousness that directly draws from universal knowledge. This wisdom is the birthright of all and is a potent way to dissolve duality and unite all beings.

How: Surrender to your body. Listen to what it offers, and move everything that shows up.

Try It:

  • Limit outside information sources - television, internet, radio, & newspapers. If you must use media, draw only from reliable, well thought and well educated sources.

  • Many indigenous and ancestral traditions used the body for it's own source of healing. Try some shaking medicine. Shake your body. Shake your thoughts. Shake everything.

  • Practice surrendering head to feet. Give all thoughts to your feet in motion.

  • While moving, purposefully draw energy from beneath you, and far above you to your center core.

  • Clear energy with vibrational sound (here's the best - YOUR own voice. Hum).

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