Bring Back the Wonder

Recently, as I was driving through Salt Lake City, I was astonished to read this billboard statement, "When you die you will meet God."

My first thought, was Wow. Simply Wow. I even laughed out loud.

I could not imagine waiting through my whole life, until death to meet God. (I will leave you to your own interpretation of God, and what this energy is and is not.) Why would I wait to forge a relationship with this one? Why would I deprive myself of the experience of awe? Or wonder? Do I not have the greatest of blessings to see God in the beauty of every flower, sunrise and sunset? In the grace of the waters, the mountains, and in my grandchildren's eyes? Is not the Great Spirit a vibration contained in all things? An energy, I meet when I am willing, to meet through my senses?

My second thought was - well, it is true. I laugh. Yes, it is true.

When I dance through a 5Rhythms Wave, in the rhythm of chaos, I am letting go. I invite little deaths (sometimes big ones), and with each death, there is a coming out to the other side landing in lyrical. In this rhythm, I find in the ecstasy, or the liminal realms I do meet God. I meet the energy of the one spirit, the one heart in my own heart, my own body, and my own spirit.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field. I'll meet you there." Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi

We meet God together, when we meet each other in the ecstatic and liminal realms. We meet the omnipotent one through the grace of healing and the gifts of alignment we receive when we clear our energy fields. When we find ourselves fully present within the self and with each other. When we've lifted the boundaries, let go of judgment, fear, and other blockages. We find it in the moments when everything but pure presence slips away. Read on for Bringing Back the Wonder, or Meeting the Omnipotent one.

Beyond the Ideas......


Knowing wonder is a great tool in uplifting your life. Wonder embeds the qualities of awe and gratitude, which is a great recipe for changing energy. Meeting God brings back enchantment and the felt expression of miracles.


When you are suffering, let it go. Clear all energy that binds, holds and limits you. Find ways to join others in creating liminal fields of energy.

Try It:

  • Be willing. Be willing to see grace and beauty in all things, animate and inanimate. Try going on a beauty walk with the purpose of opening.

  • Know the difference between pain and suffering. If you find yourself suffering, let it go. Pain happens, and suffering is a choice. You can shake it out. Try breathing into the suffering while you shake out each of your body parts. Go from toe to head, and then head to toe.

  • Join chanting, drumming, shamanic or dancing circles. These groups are likely to go into ecstatic and liminal fields together. Make sure you participate.

  • If you already practice the 5Rhythms (r) or other conscious dance practices, be purposeful about letting go, and creating the spaciousness within so that you and the group can rise together into the ecstatic realms.

  • Practice awe and gratitude by seeing the beauty in all things. Express your awe and gratitude every chance you get.

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