The Art of The Heart

We have just concluded the annual 10-day embodiment intensive in Taos, NM - what an amazing group of light warriors!

While we were busy trying on the 5Rhythms archetypes, we had a fascinating, often horrifying, political backdrop of real-life demonstration of the archetypes (some light, and a whole lot of shadow) in action.

No matter what is going on in life, people develop coping mechanisms. People have mother and father wounds. Most of us haven't had the ideal family situation of a mother who teaches us how to be in our own bodies - fully inhabited, and in complete trust - and, a father that us taught us how to be in our hearts, fully inhabited and safe, and how to express our hearts. The mother archetype nurtures the body medicine, while the father nurtures the heart medicine.

I am particularly fascinated with the father archetype right now, as it relates to the USA's political climate. The father wound is everywhere! The shadow father archetype breeds lies, anger, separation, arrogance, distrust, alienation, deceit, boastfulness, & lack of empathy. These expressions hide what is true. They hide caring, feeling, and loving. They reveal the worst of what we are. These shadow expressions are taking a great toll on our people, and our collective.

The light father will always shine the light on the truth. As a collective this is a deep need. We need it. We need it. We need the truth. We need to see it, speak it, feel it, hear it. The father archetype helps us to give and receive, to love, be vulnerable, and be real. This is essentially the art of the heart. Our task is to embody each of the archetypes as artfully as possible bringing balance to the eternal self.

Bringing The Father Archetype Into the Light


There is probably nothing more important for our collective heart than to be real, open-hearted, vulnerable & truly loving human beings.


Soften. Be available to relate from the heart. Seek the truth in every moment. (I know that word truth is damn tricky! - Not right or wrong, rather, what is pure and wise).

Try It:

  • Use your friendships to practice stepping a little deeper into your own heart. Say what you are really feeling. If you are angry or in fear keep going deeper into the feeling to discover what created the original pain. Communion with others is healing. Give to the relationship - the more you give, the more will come back. Give attention, and as you do this your relating becomes more and more natural (we all know this as we practice courtship), and greater intimacy occurs.

  • Practice giving and receiving. Start by trying it energetically. Next, try this - when someone gives you a gift, give a gift back. Maybe it is a compliment, treat, or present. Try it with small things - there are many many opportunities everyday! Maybe it is simply giving way in the traffic, or in the grocery line. Then simply practice receiving. Don't give a gift back. Just be with. Next, give gifts with absolutely no expectation for something in return. Take it up a notch. Give to those you don't know. Try 'paying it forward' - do a good deed in advance!

  • Relate to others with an open posture. Look people in the eye, have a soft smile. Leave your arms down, and turned out. Let your jaw and lips be soft. Breathe into your heart. If this is uncomfortable for you practice the softness first and then eventually add in the direct eye gaze. Remember like you, everyone hurts sometimes, so be gentle and compassionate.

  • Check Yourself. Be open to when judgement and comparison rise up in you, that the father archetype is inviting you to relate more deeply with others. Also true If you are analyzing your feelings, and making checklists about others attributes. Trust yourself to respond and relate in loving and open ways!

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