Change as Creative Catalyst

Things Fall Apart. Every day. Every moment. Sometimes because it is life it's

self, and sometimes because we consciously or unconsciously drive it apart. Falling apart is natural. Nature falls and rises. It contracts and releases. Nature also becomes stagnant, and then it changes. It is Life. Falling apart leads us down many paths - here I will focus on two. The first into despair, fear, and hate, the other, rising into knowledge, acceptance and action.

I'm seeing the collective jump onto the lower energies in the aftermath of the Orlando shootings, the UK decision to leave the EU, the US election, and continued bombings in Baghdad. This - the reactions of anger, separation, righteousness, & further alienation is what disturbs me more than the acts alone - the behavior is reflective of the current human condition, and possible why we've gotten where we've gotten. It's the same energy that created these horrifying moments. These are individual actions that perpetuate negative energy.

To be horrified, outraged, saddened, with crisis is normal, expected even, but what do we do with it? Can we channel the rising energy into creative action, and not more fear mongering? More separation? Can we accept what is, as a way to move forward?

Now - don't get me wrong - yes, we need to feel all of it. I'm not talking about bypassing anything - I'm talking about having awareness of your reactions and feelings, and then finding a way to creatively channel them into raising the light.

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." (Leonard Cohen)


The unknown is an invitation to be the change. Change is necessary. Sometimes it doesn't come the way that we think it should, or would like it to come. Change does what change does. And, we can affect it! We are the change.


Examine what is happening in your inner world and in your outer world. Unfold, discover your own judgements, your own fears, and your own resistance. Get informed. Learn. Gain perspective from all directions. Take authority.

Try It:

  • Examine the remains. Why has this happened? What caused it? What does it serve? Learn what you don't know. Knowledge is power, and taking the time to see gives you the advantage of perspective. Step in close, and then step far away to gain the greatest insights that you can.

  • Accept what is. Most of us want the world around us to be different. It doesn't mean that you have to like it, or that you can't be the change. It means that you can do something about it from a place of peace and power. Acceptance is a practice. You're probably going to need to consciously accept what is again and again. Because really, who wants to accept pain, unbalanced power, and horrific actions?

  • Trust life and it's process. Practice this trust by holding the unknown in your consciousness, and stepping again and again into the unknown. Experience the feet landing squarely onto the floor, and knowing that the floor is always there.

Check Yourself. What can you take responsibility for? Where can you suspend judgement to allow a state of curiosity? How can you step into a blameless place of power in your own life? This is where being the change counts in a big way! Know where you come from, and know where you are going.

  • Contribute. Those passions you have are your gifts. Find a way to use your passions to step into whatever isn't feeling good, and into right alignment. When you contribute your gifts, you inspire others to do the same.

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