From The Ground UP

In a recent Roots workshop, I noticed a woman skirting the edges of the room, keeping herself distracted with the objects around the room, and checking out of the dance. She came in and out of the room several times. Not appearing to take in any of the suggestions I made to the group about moving, she stayed to herself. She approached me the second day after our morning session, and told me she was leaving, that, "She wasn't getting anything out of it".

Have you ever had that experience? I have. I would argue that it was not that I wasn't getting anything out of it, but rather, I wasn't putting anything into it. This practice is a practice from the Ground UP! It's easy when things feel a little sticky, or when we start moving towards uncomfortable sensations, to give ourselves an out, or to place responsibility upon someone else. We find ourselves here and there. Committing feet to the floor is deceptively simple, and yet, I know - I know the mechanics of my own mind that trick me into dropping out, checking out, distracting out - anything but in. Even so, there are tools that we can use - read on:


Commitment is one of those magical ingredients that allows us to deepen and make meaning of our life experiences. It is a foundation for holding presence, loyalty, integrity and alignment. Lacking commitment to our own engagement takes away creative, curious and fun potential. Commitment connects to the ground, and when we let the ground hold us, we can fly even further!


First acknowledge! Then become adventurous. Invite yourself in deeper. Let yourself be curious, and even more curiouser!

Try It:

1) First, give yourself some space, acknowledge that you are human, and then give trust to the process. 2) When you catch yourself doing anything but participating in the experience, find your feet, source into the ground, and then get them moving! 3) Make your environment clear - let it help you stay present to the purpose, and to take away any potential distractions. 4) If you find yourself externalizing your boredom onto someone else - stop, check-in with yourself, and ask, "What is going on here? " 5) Become adventurous - see where life can take you by simply saying "yes!".

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