Soul Food

I danced myself in a workshop last month, and had the opportunity to drop into my dance in a deep way, and completely disappear into it. I fell in love again - in love with my feet moving, my body extending into space, moving through space and breathing the full breath. I felt my own passion and creativity move me into the depths of my being, carrying me into an egoless sense of being where expansion happens with such ease and grace.

As a part of my next round around the sun, I've been reflecting upon my last year of life. It's been one of the greatest ever - so much growth, expansion, connection, creativity and knowing. My year was much like the dance I just described. It was such a powerful reminder of the profound healing and creativity available through the medicine of moving my body. Every time we move with consciousness, we find some of those missing bits and parts. So simple! Even so, there are tools that we can use - read on:

Blessings and Love,


The Body - Soul Food


Holding awareness of the body and breath in motion opens up pathways of energy and light. Movement opens. Movement reflects. Movement creates. Movement uplifts. Movement heals.


Give awareness to your breath and body. Give awareness to the space, environment and conditions around you. Holding this awareness, give attention to one specific bit, and then move into action.

Try It:

1) The most simplest of all: Simply Move. Move your body. Move your feelings. Move your thoughts.

1) Take whatever is occupying your attention - your feelings, distractions, your thoughts - and create a moving mandala. Keep creating until you have found the most original expression of this moment.

2) Swim in your soup. That soupy mess of feelings and sensations is great fodder for the most amazing transformations. Feel and move. Move and Feel.

3) Sound. Sound your voice. Try out the RaMaDaSa chant, here.

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