Loving the World Awake

February - the month of Love. How will you spend it? Often Valentines Day is considered a day to express your love to someone meaningful in your life. I propose to you, that perhaps it could be a day, a week, a month of practicing loving everyone and everything. Find the goodness, and go with that! Start with loving yourself. And then love everyone. Love the World Awake. That might be a bit radical. If we focused more on offering joy, pleasure, connection to ourselves and each other, we could change the world. As you might know - what you give your attention is what you get. So why not? Why not more love? MORE BIG LOVE? By the way, my own work is going through expansion, so there are a number of welcome changes. Please welcome Mel James to the Mystery In Motion office team, and Raven Thompkins and Melissa McLamb to the 5Rhythms Spaceholder program. This means that you will have more reliable communication from our office, and that we will have continuity for our Sunday 5Rhythms program as I travel. (See the sidebar for welcome pics and words!) Please track our local 5Rhythms schedule as we are affected by occasional TaoSatva unavailability.

Blessings and love, Visudha

Love The World Awake

Why: It's your world. And you gotta live in it. So, LOVE! At it's essence is you. Me. US. Love is the source of harmony, joy, connection, and peace. It is an energy that changes your world. The world. Our world.


Just Do it! Extend to yourself in kindness - offer yourself joy and pleasure. Then let it extend out to those in your life. Let it extend out to everyone you pass in your daily actions.

Try It!

1. Start with yourself. Can you offer yourself kindness, understanding and compassion at every moment? Even when you've perceived that you've screwed up? Or when you experience anxiety, fear, anger, judgment? Can you laugh it off? Catch it, and stop it in its tracks? Take it lightly? Can you switch gears? Turn it around? Can you be gentle with your sweet precious self? 2. Recognize that everyone is a bit of you. You are them. When we remember this then our arm is our arm. Our heart is our heart. There is no difference, and judging, blaming, disconnecting is a judging, blaming, disconnect of the self. One blood, one heart, one spirit, one life. ONE. 3. Make the choice, and don't take it personal. People say and do all kinds of things. They just do what they do. Taking their words or actions personal disconnects you from your source - your own wellspring of life. Understand that hurtful words and ways are often a sign of the pain the person experiences in life. Extend kindness, compassion and love. It will come back one way or another. 4. Share your gifts. There's only one of you! 5. Make Moving Prayers - Find some of your favorite music and dance love into the world!

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