Longing is an Invitation

Are you longing? Longing for love? Fulfillment? Connection? Success? Creativity? Quiet? Probably. I Imagine. Because longing seems to be a bit of the current collective human condition. The cool thing about longing - as uncomfortable as it can be at times - is the clear physical and emotional invitation for humans to explore a more soulful place in their being. Longing is a sign of soul loss - and the quickest way to ease the soul loss is to respond to the longing! Sometimes we can access the response quite quickly and other times the longing has to build and build and build before we are ready to truly respond to it. Sometimes how we show up in life is an invitation to others to respond to their longing. This last week while in Olympia, WA teaching Howl, I wore a faux fur hat that made me look like I was a wolf, or a coyote. People really responded to this - stranger after stranger approached me to comment on my hat - leaving me to believe that somehow we are having a collective desire to connect to our own wild being a bit more. Read on for some specific ways you can respond to your longings.

Blessings and love, Visudha

Responding to Longing

Why: Longing is a sweet human condition that reminds us where we can possibly go, and is a result of an unmet desire. It's a stimulant to help us become more engaged with life, and more engaged with your primary essence. It's a profound call to come deeper into who you really are, and when you answer the call, you become more alive and awake! This vital life force is YOU!


When you first notice the longing - listen to it. Listen to it deeply because it will reveal even more to you! In time, the revelation will give more information on ways you can respond. Respond to anything that stirs the inner ache, the pulling, the desire, the drop in right in the sternum.

Try It!

1. Walk with it. After the realization of the longing - find yourself in an open space, and take a step. Practice walking towards the longing. If the longing seems to move before you, move with it. Go where it goes as you take your steps. Keep walking until you receive an answer about the longing. (Walking meditation is one of the key exercises of the 5Rhythms cosmology. Learn more by attending a workshop - perhaps the upcoming Imagine workshop?) 2. Take action. For example, if the longing reveals itself as loneliness, then reach out. Call someone, make a date, connect with anyone. If the longing is for someone specifically, reach out to them. If the longing is to become more creative - than grab some pens and paper, or some paint and an easel, your camera, anything and just play! 3. Sort it out. Sometimes longing is confusing and we don't know what it's true source is, where it comes from, what it is, or why it is calling. We just know the unrest. The stirrings in the soul. Find yourself in nature, listen to the trees, the wind, the water, the life around you. Listen closely. The unrest will dissolve! Maybe answers will arise. 4. Just Do it! Even if it doesn't make sense, or you question whether it's right, or it scares the bejesuz out of you. When you take the path and stretch your edges you become more alive, and become a great inspiration for those around you. Because you see - we all have longing.

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