Be A Free Spirit!

What does this idea to be a free spirit mean?

For me, it means the fullest expression of the imaginal life that I can conjure up,

it means following my passions, and letting go of everything that holds me back. It means that I'm willing to be this way one moment, and that way another moment - not limiting how I express myself based upon anyone else's standards.

I would not have imagined 8 years ago that as I began investing my energy into what I loved to do, that my life would change so radically, nor that I would be making the kinds of connections to others and the world around me that I have. Being a free spirit has meant I am a happier, more creative person, and it has also put me on my edges as I've had to challenge my assumptions and change my opinions about life; and as I've learned to follow this inner self to do life differently. I've learned a lot, and I've created more meaning in my life.

Being a free spirit is often mistaken with rebellion, irresponsibility, and taking edgy risks. While unconstrained by societal conventions, the truly free-spirited aren't using their energy rebelling against the machine rather they are funneling energy into a creative and expressive life. There is no freedom in fighting against something - there is only freedom in being the most authentic you, and giving back life-giving energy. It also is not about being irresponsible - rather, what greater responsibility could I take than to be responsible for my own self fully? Nor is it about taking unnecessary risk that could harm you or others. What if the risks were about exposing yourself? About putting yourself out into the world? About being vulnerable by sharing the deepest parts of you?

Perhaps the free spirit archetype brings to mind the exotic gypsy woman, the European pot-smoking backpacking traveler or the unemployed, tattooed artist. This might be true, and it might also be true those expressions are somehow in alignment with the societal standard of what a free spirit looks like. Come on, really? Free spirits are dirty, smelly hippies? They can't keep jobs and they don't have a care in the world?

I think not. The truly free-spirited cares not what anyone thinks of them, and lives their life based upon their passions, and being in the moment! They are profoundly connected to life, to people, to places and to things in deeply meaningful ways. They find freedom within the structures of life, and most importantly, they are the living light. Go be Free.

Love and Blessings, Visudha

5 Ways to Cultivate Your Free Spirit Why: Being a free-spirit lets you experience life more deeply and profoundly; and it facilitates your essence expanding in more joyful and creative ways. Free spirits help to shape communities of love, inspiration, and joyful expression. How:

Learn what a free spirit is and is not. Understand and express your passions. Be you! The most deepest, authentic, essential YOU!

Try It!

  1. Find the freedom within the structures of your life. We all have forms and containers that we must work with - perhaps it's a job, a mortgage, financial limitations, children or disability. Rather than resist or rebel against these forms - accept them, and find ways to express your passions within it. For example, one experiences greater freedom when they follow driver licensing rules and gets a license. A license lets you drive and go where you previously could not with greater ease than other methods of transportation.

  2. Purposefully limit yourself by trying this little exercise. Get one paintbrush, one color, and 5 sheets of art paper. Start with one sheet and do something to it with the one brush and one color. Now repeat. Only do something different with each of the other sheets.

  3. Practice letting go. Every time you find yourself experiencing a limitation, a judgment, or a stereotype let it go. Perhaps someone makes a comment that you find limiting. Notice the feeling and then let go of the perceived limitation. Perhaps you've noticed that you've judged that someone (maybe you?) has done something wrong, or that something (for example - a behavior, thought or belief) just isn't right - notice, and let go.

  4. Live your passions. If playing the ukulele is your passion - pick it up every day! Even if you can only squeeze in 10 minutes between picking up the kids from school and taking them to soccer. If you love to cook - than choose a new recipe once a week to experiment with. Pick it up. Do it.

  5. Make commitments - ironically commitment to your path, to your passions, to your life, to the present moment are the fastest ways to develop your free spirit.

  6. And, BONUS! My personal favorite. DANCE! Dance lets out the old beliefs, brings self-awareness, invites in dreams and develops passion for life. Dance makes space for new things to emerge, heightens intuition and accesses creativity in other ways.

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