The meaning of life is not to make meaning of it, but to actually create a life worth living and well lived. We do this through raising our vibration into greater fields of love and joy.

We express this vibration with a light step, an aliveness, bright eyes, and an ease in all motions. It is expressed in the connection to all things, through wonder, respect and deep gratitude.


Visudha de los Santos Shamanic Immersion Ravens Roost Serpent Temple GongJourney


Sometimes we just need a radical change. And, sometimes the longing to be in relationship to spirit is strong and undeniable.


A personal immersion of a week or a month or two may just be the right answer to help you recalibrate.

Immersions happen at Raven's Roost, in Taos, NM.  They include diving in deep with the 5Rhythms, Gong Journey, Serpent Temple, Native American Rituals, and Shamanic Practice. They are a mix of personal attention and group work.


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