The Equinox where the day and the night are equal in length, is a time of balance. As you are reflection of the natural world, it fulfills your true self to spend time feeding your soul, & finding balance within. 


Your task is to create balance in your life between motion and stillness; light and dark; self and connection; ease and struggle; play and work; past and present; and fear and hope.   To recognize and address duality, and what must come in balance, requires changing your form, tempo, beat, & perspective.  

By working with natural timings, you are organically supported by its cycles.  In cooperation with life you know when to pause, and when to move.   Sometimes the rhythm asks you to pull back, and sometimes it asks you to take stronger actions. 


Sometimes it is in ease, and sometimes with challenge.   To know this is to embody life’s ebbs and flows with it’s temporary nature.  In this constant motion you will never remain stuck, and you will find an abundance of ways to move through and receive life’s gifts.


Spend time this equinox with kindred spirits moving energy together, relating through ritual and movement; and expressing gratitude. In this way, you open yourself to the continuous and generous life giving force throughout your life.   The energetics of the 5Rhythms will uplift you; and lead you to more consistent ease, harmony and grace.


Extend your weekend workshop with these kindred spirits by joining us on a ecotour dancing exploration of the Cano cristales….(fill in this please Vero, and send back to me! )