​Moving your body is a profound gateway to your inner world.

Opening your heart to receive and acknowledge what is happening in your inner landscape is a journey towards spirit.

Letting go of your mind

is a path of freedom.


Moving Body, Heart and Mind together is the speed train to your essential self.

5Rhythms Ecstatic Conscious Dance Mindful Meditation

Entering The Floor

Enter and stay in silence – say all that needs to be said with your body.

Move barefooted. (dance & orthopedic shoes are fine)

Acknowledge that you have entered a sacred space.

Start and stay moving - you can copy others if you feel  stuck or confused.

When the facilitator gives instruction, try the suggestions.

Dance with eyes open, preferably downcast.

Stay in the room, moving your body. Do not let yourself be distracted by anything.

Stay focused and be with whatever shows up:  e.g. Hunger, Thirst, Tiredness, Joy, Curiosity,

Stay in the dance, even when you absolutely need to leave the floor.