​Travel Adventures

Are an exciting way to explore the world while continuing the practices of listening to your body, accessing your inner wisdom, deepening your presence, and creating greater mindfulness.
To move in the natural world is to acknowledge your piece of the natural rhythms and cycles. It is to know how you belong as a being of the natural world and directly and profoundly physically experience the principles of the natural world. 
Everything is connected. Thus everything you do or say has an impact on everything.
Every particle is in constant motion and also constantly carries energy. That's you. A mass of particles. 
Patterns repeat through the universe. Yep your own patterns repeat in the world.
Like attracts like.  Where your energy goes, is where life goes.
Inspired action.  It's really not enough to attract something, you have to work towards what you're seeking.
Everything is in constant flux.  Let's transmute it, huh?
All actions have a corresponding action.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually.
Everything has an opposite.  Exploring the opposites helps you to understand your life, and it gives you patience through those tough times.
All things come in cycles.  Cycles give you perspective, and understanding a cycle allows you the understanding that this to shall pass.
The feminine and the masculine reside in all things. The anima and animus. Yin Yang.  To explore the embodiment of these two core energies is to cultivate greater balance, and help you live more authentically and happily.
It's to experience earth as your body, and body as your earth. It's to know beautiful and sacred places and bring this sense into your own body. 
It's to offer yourself to adventure, letting go, and expanding your world.
Please join us  in an eco-tour somewhere in the world - for example the Canaries, Cano Cristales, or the Jungles of Peru