3 Gifts of Uncomfortable Times

The themes of chaos and mayhem seem to continue with Korea sending missiles out, a hurricane & massive flooding in Texas, continued White House antics, and crazy policy decisions. Locally there is unrest - people dying, people crying, people both disconnecting and asking to be lifted up. I have heard from several who have stated last week was pure chaos and some of the most difficult times of their lives. My friend Trish shared with me the challenges of defending her personal choices and actions with her family amidst her broken heart. A student John said that he needed to withdraw from a relationship and keep at home to protect himself. Personally I'm feeling the unrest with an unsettled h

The Importance of Sound Vibration

Life has been a fun, wild and woolly ride lately. The planets? The eclipse? The rhythms and cycles? Are you making plans that seemingly fall apart as quickly as they come together? Perhaps you've made decisions, only to have something outside of you invoke immediate change. I'm seeing this, hearing this from plenty of my friends as well as having these experiences myself. There seems to be a lot of struggle with focus and keeping on track. Contract and Expand. Build and Release. Creation and Dissolution. The nature of duality, the nature of living. How are you doing with all these rapid changes? Are you able to stay fluid and calm? Are you getting caught up in tension and ang

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