Making Sense in the Chaos

OK. So, the chaos builds. Are you contracting? Shutting down? In disbelief? Confused? Fighting? Adding to the chaos? War. Mean human beings. Sick human beings. Sad and confused human beings. Chaos. Tsunami. Earthquakes. Poor leadership. World falling apart. Sickening behavior. Vile words. Wondering? What can I do? I don't have _______(fill the blank. time, energy, resource, space). It's ok. Not all of us are supposed to be at camp. Some of us, yes. Not all of us giving facebook updates, and ways to act. Some of us, yes. Not all of us are supposed to be continuing on in our lives as if nothing is happening. Some of us, yes. Not all of us supposed to be growing ourselves. Some of us, yes. Not

We Are In This Together

My friends. Dancers, lovers of life, artists, poets, & creators of all. Sometimes it feels like we are alone. I am here in Marseille, France taking in the American Presidential Results by myself. I woke, and checked the results - they weren't in yet, but the impossible to comprehend, seemed suddenly a possibility. And, yes, I watched in horror as Hilary conceded. Alone to process, my feelings vacillated as I thought of all of the ramifications. What this could mean for our freedom, for our rights, for safety. What it could mean for the entire world. I walked through the streets with tears welling up and then releasing. Arising again, and letting go. Though I am more likely to pr

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