​Radiantly     Alive​
Feeling    Life
Miraculous   Bodies
Authentic       Self
Peaceful   Silence
Tightness     Melts

What are the benefits Embodiment Practice?

As we practice knowing our own bodies, and what is held, the positive effects spiral through our bodies, hearts and minds. 


  • Movement releases endorphins and lubricates the joints


  • Movement strengthens the heart, increases energy, lowers blood pressure, strengthens and builds bones and muscles


  • We feel radiantly alive and calm at the same time


  • We move from thinking about life to intimately feeling life with our bones, our feet, our muscles, our blood


  • We enjoy the miraculous bodies we have, rather than lamenting their limitations


  • The tight spots in our hearts soften – so we can cry when we’re sad, jump when we’re joyful, reach out when we’re touched, love and be loved without hesitation


  • The limiting affects of family and societal programming melt away as we come into our authentic selves


  • Our minds settle, and the jagged world of thinking and planning fade into a sense of peaceful silence​

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